Technical Writing

Engineers for Object Computing, Inc., a Midwest software engineering company and former employer, regularly produce technical content for a target audience made up of software developers. This complex material is written by professional computer programmers, data scientists, solution architects, and others, many of whom are not native English speakers. As marketing coordinator (and later manager), one of my responsibilities was editing, proofreading, and publishing these technical articles and blog posts on various web platforms.

Software Engineering Tech Trends

Software Engineering Tech Trends (SETT) is a regular publication that features emerging trends in software engineering. 

I coordinated the publication of all the articles published between December 2017 and August 2022 from assignment through publication and promotion.

Middleware News Brief

Middleware News Brief (MNB) features technical tutorials for developers who build distributed systems using open source middleware technologies.

I coordinated the publication of all the articles published between December 2017 and August 2022 from assignment through publication and promotion.

Micronaut Blog

The Micronaut® framework is a full-stack, JVM-based toolkit that dramatically enhances developer productivity and produces fast, lightweight applications. 

Micronaut blog posts were written by technology team members; I then edited them and published them on the Micronaut website using the WordPress CMS.

Book Forward

Object Computing founded and supports the maintenance and continued development of the open source application development framework, Micronaut®.

In 2021, in preparation for the publication of the book, Building Microservices with Micronaut, Object Computing's Micronaut Foundation was asked to write the foreword.

Although credited to "The Micronaut Foundation," the foreword is my work.

(This link takes you to a preview of the book on Amazon; the link is safe.)

(Also, the phrase, "all of us is better than any one of us" is one of Object Computing's core values, and the grammatical error was intentional. My original draft included a [sic] after the phrase, but it was removed prior to publication.)