Escape Room Industry

Well-crafted escape rooms are a fantastic fusion of puzzle and problem solving, gaming mechanics, and immersive storytelling. They inspire creativity, initiative, collaboration, and an intoxicating sense of accomplishment.   

Lock, Paper, Scissors

One of my favorite freelance clients was Lock, Paper, Scissors. This Australia-based company publishes print-at-home escape games for players of all ages. The brand voice is lighthearted, humorous, geeky, and incredibly fun to embody.

Here is some content I wrote for Lock, Paper, Scissors.

Teacher's Kit

I also wrote and designed the teacher's kit and student exercises Lock, Paper, Scissors sells bundled with the Lost Mummy escape room kit.

This kit included an overview and instructions for use, detailed instructions for setting up the Lost Mummy escape game, and four supplemental lesson packets covering King Tutankhamun's tomb, the Rosetta Stone, Mummies, and the Afterlife.

Each lesson packet contained a slide presentation to share with the class, a set of activities corresponding to Common Core standards, and printable handouts. Activities included reading comprehension, writing, discussion, and art exercises.

Because this kit is owned and sold by Lock, Paper, Scissors, I am not including a link to it here. However, those who are interested in reviewing it as a writing sample may contact me and request a PDF of the unbranded copy document. 


For several years, I was the go-to freelance writer, copy editor, and blog coordinator for an Estonian escape-room booking system called Nowescape

In some cases, I was provided topics to research and write blog posts and articles. More frequently, I was given posts written by guest authors, most of whom were not native English speakers, and asked to copy edit them.

Once the content was written or edited and approved, I collected appropriate images and prepared the content for publication on WordPress. 

Here are some of the blog posts I wrote.